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Unwanted Habits

Learn how to control your habits at the unconscious level.

Just as we all have unwanted behaviors and habits, we all know just how hard they are to break. From smoking and drinking to overeating and nail biting, some behaviors and habits can be painful, unhealthy, and even embarrassing.

Now, think for a moment about when your unwanted behavior or habit seems to strike. Are you aware it is happening? More than likely, the answer is no. This is because habits occur unconsciously. For example, you may look at your nails and see you have bitten them, but don’t remember actually biting them. Or you will realize you are smoking a cigarette, but don’t remember lighting it. This is because unwanted behaviors and habits stem from a psychological addiction; this causes the deeply ingrained habit that is so difficult to stop – especially from sheer willpower. Unwanted behaviors and habits surface as a way of coping with stress, anxiety, and even boredom. By lighting that cigarette or biting those nails, you are trying to regulate your emotions in order to “feel better”. Instead, you are only piling negative consequences on top of negative consequences.

If you’ve ever tried to stop an unwanted behavior or habit, you’ve more than likely experienced withdrawal symptoms. Maybe you couldn’t sleep, or felt nervous and anxious; maybe you even became angry. Withdrawal symptoms, like these, can make anyone want to run and hide, and continue the unwanted behavior.

At Fredericksburg Hypnosis, we know and understand the emotional and physical toll unwanted behaviors and habits can cause. That’s why we provide skilled and qualified hypnotherapists to guide you along the way to make the quitting process easier. Using our special techniques, we will help you resolve the underlying emotional causes of your unwanted behaviors and habits. We will then help you achieve positive new behaviors so you can finally say, “I quit!”

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