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There Comes A Point In Life When
"Enough Is Enough!"

You know a change has to be made and that things can’t keep going like this…  For some, it’s about wanting to start something; like creating a business, public speaking, or even being more outgoing.  For others, it may be about quitting something that has been a burden long enough like smoking, being overweight, or suffering with stress or anxiety.  The good news is that Fredericksburg Hypnosis can help! 

  • Develop Unshakable Confidence
  • Break Free from Past Issues & Pain
  • Find Peace in the Craziness of Life
  • Instantly Change Your Mood & Mindset
  • Learn How to Live Full Out with No More Excuses!

Take Back Control of Your Life!

It’s not magic or fairy dust!  It’s about taking back control over those areas in life that don’t need to be out of control.  Discovering within you what you are truly capable of and utilizing the powerful resources you have in your own mind.  This is not a loss of control it’s about taking back control of YOU!

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Success Stories

Overcoming Depression & Stress

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Beating Test Anxiety

Kicking The Cigarette Habit

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Defeating Eating Issues

Weight Management

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Fredericksburg Hypnosis Can Help

You are more than capable of creating change in your life, however, sometimes you need a place to start, or at least you need to know the tools that can help you through.  Fredericksburg Hypnosis  specializes in equipping you with the best hypnotic techniques, training, and tools to make that desired change possible.

Fredericksburg Hypnosis offers a wide variety of services to help those looking to make a change. We see clients daily for issues such as: alleviating stresssleeping betterrelieving pain,  improving confidenceovercoming fears and even losing weight and quitting smoking. In just a few sessions you’ll be better equipped to handle life’s many challenges in order to live the life you desire.

Ready to Take Back Control?

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Serving our Community

As a member in good standing with the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to the betterment of the Fredericksburg Community that we are so proud to serve. Find out how Fredericksburg Hypnosis is helping to change lives on our client testimonials page!

Nathan is also available for Podcasts & Interviews.

Flexible Spending | Health Savings Accounts | Insurance

Fredericksburg Hypnosis is able to accept HSA & Flexible Spending for services.

Most insurance companies do not cover hypnosis or similar services. To this end, we do not accept insurance for coverage of services and do not bill, nor attempt to bill insurance companies. I am happy to provide you with a receipt to increase your chances of getting insurance reimbursement.

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