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Public Speaking

Speak with Power and Make a Lasting Impression.

You have a voice that deserves to be heard, and a message to be remembered!” ~Nathan Gist

 What is it that stops most people from living out their dreams and taking on new challenges?  Fear… fear of the unknown… fear of not being enough.

Now is your time to put an end to the fear that stops your voice from being heard.  Put an end to the fear that gets in the way of your message.

Hypnosis is extremely effective in getting to the root cause of your fear of public speaking and also in relieving the common symptoms it causes.

Do any of these sound familiar when thinking about public speaking?  Anxiety, blanking out, blushing, dry mouth,  shaking hands, sweating….

For over 20+ years Nathan has operated in the public arena; from teaching internationally, live radio, professional fundraising, to leading workshops and retreats. 

Fredericksburg Hypnosis will give you the tools to alleviate your fears and speak confidently. For more information on how hypnosis will help you look and sound your best, set your consultation today!

Invest in yourself!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

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