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Public Speaking

End stage fright with hypnosis!

There are tons of things people are afraid of, but did you know that public speaking holds the number one spot on the list? This puts it above bugs, heights and even death! Unfortunately, public speaking can be much harder to endure than other fears because we are placed in social situations multiple times per times.

Public speaking – a form of performance anxiety – causes many physical symptoms, including anxiety, blanking out, blushing, dry mouth and shaking legs. This can be disastrous if others are depending on you to succeed, like your employees, supervisors or even your family.

Hypnosis is extremely effective in getting to the root cause of your fear of public speaking and also in relieving the common symptoms it causes.

We’ll give you the tools to remove your fears and speak confidently. For more information on how hypnosis will help you look and sound your best, contact us!

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