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Ready to Take Back Control of Your Weight?!

Sick of never-ending battles with weight loss?  Feel as though you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work?  You’re not alone! At Fredericksburg Hypnosis, you’ll develop powerful and lasting tools to help you take back control of your life choices and achieve your weight-loss goals.  Food is a large focus in most people’s lives. We eat when we’re hungry, stressed, bored, happy, sad or simply because the clock reads “lunchtime” or “dinner time”.  For many, appetites have been switched to autopilot. There are many ways to tackle losing weight, but there are many factors to consider in order to be successful, such as habits, dietary planning, mood and emotions and exercise techniques. No two people are the same, so no single program will work for everyone. Our programs are successful because we treat every client uniquely, creating the right technique for them. We use a systematic approach, which helps our clients eliminate unwanted behaviors (eating when stressed, bored, etc.) into new healthy lifestyle changes. Schedule your first session, today, to discover the positive effects hypnosis has on your weight-loss goals.

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