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Anxiety Relief

Find Peace of Mind

Release worry and stress… and take back control of your life!  Anxiety Relief with Fredericksburg Hypnosis is very effective in calming the raging storm of stressful thoughts and feelings.  Are you tired of your mind spiraling out of control in worry and fear? Hypnosis can help. Our systematic approach helps to address the thoughts and emotions that get in the way of peace.  

Utilizing hypnosis; together we work to re-frame those thoughts and patterns that lead to stress and worry.  Anxiety relief is also an important component in addressing goals such as quitting smoking, losing weight, eliminating nail biting, or other nervous habits.

Nathan calls his approach Root and Fruit.  The “fruit” is learning the tools and techniques that allow you to take back control of the moments throughout the day that feel out of control.  The “root” is about finding out what’s going on…  What’s triggering the stress, worry, and anxiousness?  Identify the issues, and then begin to deconstruct the limiting beliefs.  Freedom comes in building back confidence, trust, and the knowledge that no matter what you are capable.

Invest in your well being.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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