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Cluster Headaches: how to take control and minimize pain

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Headaches. We all suffer from them at one time or another – whether they come in the form of a dull, but constant throbbing, a pounding ache or a migraine that causes nausea. While these types of headaches are, of course, unpleasant, some people experience headaches that are even more severe, and debilitating; these headaches are called cluster headaches.

Cluster headaches (a.k.a., ice-pick headaches, suicidal headaches) affect 1 in 1,000 people with 80% being male and predominantly smokers. These types of headaches cause excruciating attacks of pain – in one side of the head and behind the eye or at the temple. Signs of cluster headaches are:

  • Appear very suddenly and unexpectedly
  • May appear regularly for several weeks or months before subsiding
  • Last between 15 minutes and three hours
  • Can awaken suffers from sleep

While typical headaches like the ones most people experience are caused by external factors (not enough sleep, dehydration, stress), cluster headaches are involuntary, which means internal reasons are to blame.

If you’re like many, when any type of pain occurs, you probably opt for some sort of over-the-counter pain reliever. Unfortunately, these types of pain medications typically don’t work well for cluster headaches. There are also other options for those suffering from headaches – no matter the severity. A more natural and effective way of treating the severity and frequency of cluster headaches is through hypnosis.

When a person experiences episodes of cluster attacks, they can become very despondent and suffer anxiety that continues to build as they await the next attack. This often leads to poor quality of sleep due to exhaustion from recovering from an attack or by being awakened by them. Quality of life can also plummet because there is no cure, which can lead to hopelessness. Sufferers also typically receive little sympathy from others who assume it’s just a head “ache”. When factors like these occur, many face depression if help is not sought.

Through hypnosis, suffers of cluster headaches are given tools and techniques to take help manage their pain more effectively and regain control of their life.To learn more about how hypnosis can help you, click here.

Author: Patience Itson