Fredericksburg Hypnosis

Learn to Relax with Self Hypnosis

Natural heaHypnosis PHOTO - Time for Peaceling practices are becoming more and more mainstream, causing people to strive harder to be healthier in eating and exercising (hello, Whole Foods and Fitbit). Many are also choosing to say goodbye to pharmaceutical medications and hello to natural practices like hypnosis. With long hours at work and school, never-ending bills to pay, and not enough down time, people are stressed more than ever, which is why so many are turning to hypnosis just to help them relax.

Hypnosis works by effectively calming and quieting the mind; it also teaches you self-hypnosis techniques to use whenever you need help relaxing. During self hypnosis, many positive things happen both physically and psychologically. Physically, your heart rate slows, reducing its workload, and you become deeply relaxed and at peace. Cortisol levels (that pesky chemical the body activates during times of stress and anxiety) are also lowered. Chemicals typically stay trapped inside the body, even after a stressful situation has long passed. But hypnosis effectively dissolves these chemicals during the state of relaxation.

On a psychological level, hypnosis increases a person’s brain wave coherence, increases memory, decreases anxiety and irritability, and beats depression.

Here is a list of the many positive ways hypnosis can help you tackle stress and learn to relax.

  • Relaxes the mind, body and soul
  • Rejuvenates energy to help face heavy challenges and stress (presently and in the future)
  • Creates emotional stability
  • Enhances the ability of the mind to function properly
  • Develops a relaxed and positive outlook on life
  • Helps develop power of the mind

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