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Anxiety: can hypnosis provide relief?

Anxiety Blog - PHOTOAgitated. Overwhelmed. Panicked. If you suffer from anxiety, you probably know these feelings all to well. It’s natural for us to experience anxiety from time to time; life is stressful after all with plenty of ups and downs. For many, however, anxiety can persist for long periods of times, creating a loss of energy, increase or decrease in appetite, and loss of sleep. In turn, this can lead to an inability to make decisions, poor performance at work/school, and also low self-esteem. Extended periods of stress can even increase the risk of health problems, such as: type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.

To ease anxiety and stress, many are turning to hypnosis. Hypnosis works by putting clients into a “trance state” – a mental and physical relaxation in which the conscious mind is encouraged to rest, while the subconscious mind is kept alert. Due to the relaxed atmosphere and state that hypnosis occurs in, it can play a positive role in lowering anxiety.

There are three forms of anxiety hypnosis can address. Continue reading to learn what they are and how hypnosis can help.

Physical Emotional Tension: Physical pain and tension, often stemming from emotional tension. In turn, suffering from physical tension can cause emotional strain. This makes up a continuing circle of stress and anxiety. Hypnosis can help put you in a more positive frame of mind by altering unnecessary negative beliefs and implanting more helpful ones in order to help you overcome anxiety and remove physical and emotional tension.

Sleeping Problems: Those that suffer from anxiety may have difficulty sleeping. This is because sleeping in an anxious state is nearly impossible. With the help of hypnosis, you will be able to put worries at bay and lower your anxiety, which will allow you to get good, quality sleep.

Phobic Reactions: Whether suffering from a fear of social situations, crowded rooms or spiders, phobias and anxiety go hand-in-hand. Hypnosis can help you conquer these phobias by replacing unhealthy and illogical beliefs about the object of your phobia with more logically sound and useful beliefs. As anxieties lower, phobias will as well.

To conquer anxiety and regain control of your life, click here to learn more about the many benefits of hypnosis.

Author: Patience Itson