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5 Tips to Loving Yourself

Be Happy Love Yourself

Loving yourself can be hard. Life throws us all sorts of twists and turns that can make it hard to feel confident and satisfied with ourselves. Work, relationships, kids …. it all takes up a pretty hefty portion of our time, energy and love. But, have you ever stopped to wonder what sized portion is left for yourself? For most, very little time is used to focus on ourselves. Unfortunately, the less time we have to think about – and love – ourselves, the harder life becomes; it can even make it hard to love others. Now is the time to stop what you're doing, take a deep and focused breath, and learn to love yourself with these helpful tips.

Stop negative thoughts. “I'm too fat.”, “I'm not good enough.” No matter who you are, everyone has days where they just don't feel good about themselves. To be successful on the path to loving yourself you must stop beating yourself up with negative thoughts. By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones you will begin to see the amazing changes that arise from improved confidence and self-esteem to a more successful and worthwhile life.

Be grateful. We don't always get what we want, when we want it – like an expensive new car, or a huge house that's perfectly decorated – but, don't let it stop you from being grateful for what you do have. You are in control of how you look at life, so think positively about what you've achieved so far. Chances are, it's much more than you ever stopped to realize.

Compliment yourself. It may sound silly, but complimenting yourself is an excellent strategy to give yourself a much-needed confidence boost.  “I look great today!”, “I'm smart!”, “I'm good at this!” No matter what compliment you choose, an overall stronger love for yourself is just around the exclamation point.

Don't focus on others' opinions of you. From the time we start school, most of us just want to fit in, so we follow the “norm” and try to adapt ourselves to it. But, at some point, you just have to take a step back and do what is right for you. If you like a certain hairstyle – go for it! If everyone you know is a high-powered career person and that's just not your working style, there's no shame in that! By focusing less on what other people “might” think of you, the higher the chance you will feel good about who you are and what you are doing in your life.

Ditch the past. The past is just that – the past. You can either dwell on things that have already been said and done, or you can learn from the past and move forward. Doing so will lead you into a life that is worthwhile and successful.

Hypnosis is a proven method that can help you on your journey to self-love. By creating a treatment plan specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals, you will replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and gain the confidence and self-esteem you need in order to truly love yourself.

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Written By: Patience Itson